IPC & industrial emissions licensing by Douglas Adamson

IPC & industrial emissions licensing

We support industry throughout every stage of the IPC and IED licensing life-cycles, in meeting licence conditions and demonstrating compliance. Read more

Environmental management by Douglas Adamson

Environmental management

We help organisations manage the environmental impacts of their operations and we enable them to navigate complex and dynamic regulatory environments. Read more

New brewhouse at St James's Gate, Dublin by Liam P. Ó Cléirigh

New brewhouse at St James's Gate, Dublin

Byrne Ó Cléirigh played an important role in Diageo's €169 million project to develop Brewhouse No. 4, which consolidated all of its brewing operations in Ireland onto one site and ... Read more

EPA guidance on noise by Douglas Adamson

EPA guidance on noise

In 2012 the EPA published guidance on environmental noise for licensed sites in Ireland and for carrying out and assessing the results from noise surveys. Read more

Licensing for waste management facility by Liz Dodd

Licensing for waste management facility

We prepared a waste licence application for a waste management facility comprising a municipal waste facility, a waste-to-energy plant and a composting plant. Read more