Why clients choose us

Our work is underpinned by deep expertise and experience of the regulatory, technical, management, commercial and financial dynamics of sustainable business in a wide range of industries. Successful organisations choose us for several reasons:


Multi-disciplinary skill-set

We are engineers. We are also business planners, strategic advisers, analysts, researchers, auditors and project managers. We use our highly regarded knowledge of systems, processes, markets and project implementation to advise clients on a wide range of strategic and operational business challenges.


Rigorous analysis

We offer unique value by applying scientific rigour to all our assignments. Our comprehensive and thorough approach covers every key aspect of the problem or opportunity, and often uncovers new possibilities for improved business performance.


Robust, high-quality advice & solutions

We are proud of our reputation for high-quality, independent advice. Our recommendations are based on deep engagement with each problem or opportunity, solid research and practical experience of process and project implementation in a wide range of business settings. They are set out in well-written reports.


Commercial & technical insight

We work in a wide range of sectors and commercial settings. Just as our technical advice is based on specialist scientific and technological knowledge, our business advisory work is grounded in direct experience of commercial and administrative realities. We know how to get things done in a range of organisational settings. We understand how business works as a whole, including the technical aspects.