Classification, labelling & packaging (CLP) regulation by Liam P. Ó Cléirigh

Classification, labelling & packaging (CLP) regulation

The European system for classifying, labelling and packaging of dangerous substances has been updated, with the CLP regulation replacing the dangerous substances directive. This h ... Read more

Licences, permits & consents by Douglas Adamson

Licences, permits & consents

We help operators secure consents and comply with regulations. We prepare and present well-respected, technically robust, fact-based submissions to support compliance. Read more

Development of process safety KPIs by Tom Leonard

Development of process safety KPIs

We developed process safety KPIs to enhance performance monitoring and control over accident hazard risks at a COMAH / Seveso establishment in the alcoholic beverage sector. Read more

Fire safety at hazardous installations by Tom Leonard

Fire safety at hazardous installations

We advise developers, operators and investors on best practice for the design, layout and operational control of fire protection and fire-fighting systems at hazardous installation ... Read more

Process safety: SIL-based systems by Tom Leonard

Process safety: SIL-based systems

Electrical, electronic & programmable electronic equipment can be key components in safety-related systems. The level of reliability depends on the reliability of the individual c ... Read more

Land use planning risk assessment for distillery by Tom Leonard

Land use planning risk assessment for distillery

We supported a leading whiskey manufacturer as it sought to develop a new distillery in Ireland by assessing whether its development would be in compliance with criteria for accept ... Read more

Control of major accident hazards (COMAH) / Seveso by Tom Leonard

Control of major accident hazards (COMAH) / Seveso

We are thought leaders in the field of COMAH / Seveso. We provide a full suite of services to help operators have all necessary measures in place to protect against major accident ... Read more

Seveso III directive by Tom Leonard

Seveso III directive

There is a new draft directive being developed on the control of major accident hazards (COMAH), which will have implications for all operators of Seveso establishments when it ent ... Read more