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Compliance with new Seveso III regulations by Tom Leonard

Compliance with new Seveso III regulations

Operators of COMAH / Seveso establishments in Ireland should be aware of the requirements set out in the new regulations that were introduced in 2015. Read more

COMAH compliance at manufacturing facility by Tom Leonard

COMAH compliance at manufacturing facility

We developed and implemented a best-practice approach to compliance with the COMAH / 'Seveso' regulations at our client's high-value manufacturing facility. Read more

Legislation database by Dermot Reddy

Legislation database

We help our clients comply with the requirements of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 by providing an online environmental, health and safety legislation database. Fully customised to each ... Read more

Safety & risk management by Liam P. Ó Cléirigh

Safety & risk management

We identify, analyse and evaluate risk so our clients can better understand and manage their risk profiles and enhance the profitability and sustainability of their enterprise. We ... Read more

Business continuity management by Liam P. Ó Cléirigh

Business continuity management

We improve our clients' resilience to business-threatening disruptions by undertaking business impact analysis and risk assessments. Read more

IPC & industrial emissions licensing by Douglas Adamson

IPC & industrial emissions licensing

We support industry throughout every stage of the IPC and IED licensing life-cycles, in meeting licence conditions and demonstrating compliance. Read more

Energy management by Liam P. Ó Cléirigh

Energy management

We create value for our clients by working with them to adopt strategic approaches to energy management, including through energy efficiency and renewables. Read more

Environmental management by Douglas Adamson

Environmental management

We help organisations manage the environmental impacts of their operations and we enable them to navigate complex and dynamic regulatory environments. Read more